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Naruto Online: All Different Boss Types and How to Encounter Them


Naruto Online: All Different Boss Types and How to Encounter Them

Naruto Online is the brand new MMO based on the incredibly popular manga and anime series. Players will take control of a powerful shinobi of their own as they play through the story ripped straight from the series. All of the big enemies you’ve come to hate (or love) and the allies you’ve come to love (or hate) are here and ready to join you on the huge, free-to-play adventure.

Part of your adventure will have you dealing with boss battles, which are different from most games you’ve probably played up until now. This difference is largely due to the fact that Naruto Online has several different types of bosses for players to deal with as they progress through the game. Allow us to break them down for you.

Story Bosses

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Story Bosses are exactly as their name implies. These are other ninjas or monsters that you will come across as you progress through Naruto Online’s narrative and are usually pulled straight from the series the game is based on. If you’re a fan you can pretty much guess who you’ll come across in each chapter, whether it’s Orochimaru during his invasion of the Hidden Leaf or Nine Tails as it destroys your village.

Now since these bosses are tied to the story itself, they don’t always play out like your typical video game boss battle, meaning you don’t always have to defeat your opponent. When you enter a boss battle, make sure to check the conditions of the fight. While some will indeed task you with defeating whoever appears in front of you, others will ask for something else that ties directly into the story. It may be to survive as you wait for a specific ninja’s arrival, wait for a certain special move to be triggered, or simply last a set amount of time.

Story Bosses are more about the actual plot but that doesn’t mean you should take them lightly. These tend to be very difficult, as they are often turning points in Naruto Online’s overarching story. Always bring your best team to these encounters that way you can reap all of the best rewards.

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