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5 Times SEGA Tried to Break the Sonic Cycle and Failed Miserably


5 Times SEGA Tried to Break the Sonic Cycle and Failed Miserably

Never forget.

Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007)

Sonic and the Secret Rings

There are far, far worse games on this list than Sonic and the Secret Rings, however this game, along with Sonic and the Black Knight, were two games that fans desperately hoped could wash out the bad taste of Sonic ’06.

These games were exclusive to the Wii and took advantage of the Wiimote’s motion controller features. While the Wii started to get a bad rep for gimmicky games by the end of its life cycle, there was still hope in 2007 that Sonic could reinvent itself alongside the exciting new hardware.

Spoiler alert: Sonic didn’t reinvent itself and instead just starred in a mediocre at best game. That will be a running theme throughout this article.

Why anyone thought that Sonic would be a natural fit in Arabian and Arthurian mythology is anyone’s guess. It’s likely that these games were part of the broad strategy to make Sonic more of an iconic character geared towards children… by putting him in games that only young children with very little to no experience with what a quality game is like could possibly enjoy.

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