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Zero Time Dilemma: Q-Team Study Puzzle Walkthrough

Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma: Q-Team Study Puzzle Walkthrough

So many weapons!

The study is one of the many locked room puzzles Q-Team will encounter in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Check the desk drawer for the human mark key.

Step 2: Open the human mark safe for the Birdman card, gun, moon key, and part D.

Step 3: Check upstairs for the Polovtsian Secret 1.

Step 4: Open the star safe for part C, moon card, and note 1.

Step 5: Open the moon safe with ‘NIL’ to get the crossbow, part E, and sun card.

Step 6: Open the sun safe with ‘EXIST’ to get part F.

Step 7: Pull the lever in the safe to activate the chair.

Step 8: Activate the chair with the code ‘S-02-16’ to get Polovtsian Secret 2.

Step 9: Open the cryptex with ‘MIND’ to get part B and note 2.

Step 10: Use the gun on the C-Team photos above the fireplace.

Step 11: Use the crossbow on the Q-Team photos above the fireplace. This will get you the grenade launcher.

Step 12: Open the safe in the corner with the grenade launcher to get part A, and note 3.

Step 13: Activate the chair with the code ‘Q-12-10’ to get the blueprint.

Step 14: Combine parts A and B, combine parts C and D, and combine parts E and F. Combine AB with CD, then combine ABCD with EF.

Step 15: Open the final safe in the room.

Once you’ve completed all steps, you’ll have managed to seek a way out of the study in Zero Time Dilemma.

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