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Zero Time Dilemma: C-Team Control Puzzle Walkthrough

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Zero Time Dilemma: C-Team Control Puzzle Walkthrough

Follow the glasses.

The control room is one of the locked room puzzles C-Team will encounter in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Grab the sunglasses from behind the poster with the voltage sign and Roman numerals.

Step 2: Check the monitors, and examine the screen showing the shutter and duct tape. Zoom out to get the solution for the switchboard puzzle.

Step 3: Turn the knobs on the switchboard while following the patterns shown on the monitor. This will open the locker gives you the small battery parts and a note.

Step 4: Combine the battery parts with the sunglasses, then examine them and go into mode A. This gives you the solution for the Roman numerals puzzle.

Step 5: With the pattern from the glasses, and the voltage sign poster, you can figure out the solution for the second switchboard puzzle. Here’s the solution: 4 matches V, 1 matches II, 2 matches III, 5 matches I, and 3 matches IV. Be sure to pick up the note next to the second switchboard.

Step 6: Check the monitor that just lit up for the solution to the stands puzzle. The red stand should be turned to SE, blue to N, green to E, and pink to SW. This brings up a central stand from the ground.

Step 7: This will cause the third monitor to light up, revealing the solution for the cylinders puzzle. The solution for the first row is as follows: lit, unlit, lit, lit, unlit, lit. The second row: unlit, lit, lit, unlit, lit, lit. The nearby locker will open up, revealing another note and a headset for the glasses.

Step 8: Combine the headset with the sunglasses. Check mode B for the solution to the crane puzzle.

Step 9: Go to the final monitor and activate the crane. Here are the directions: right, down, left, down. Lower the crane to push the button. This will cause the smaller monitors to reveal some alphabets.

Step 10: Use the notes you’ve gathered thus far to make sense of the alphabets. Examine the glasses and go into mode C, and enter the password: BETESTEDBYFIRE.

Step 11: Rotate the stands again. The green should be set to N, the red to NE, the blue to W, pink to S, and the grey to NW. This will cause a panel to rise from the ground.

Step 12: Connect the nearby cable to the panel.

Congratulations, you’ve managed to seek a way out of the control room in Zero Time Dilemma.

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