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Umbrella Corps: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Umbrella Corps: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Be careful with your squishy health.

Learn How to Vault Over Obstacles


Unfortunately, the cover system in Umbrella Corps is a little wonky. If you wish to jump over obstacles, you’ll have to hit the X button to get into cover, and then hit the X button again while holding forward on your left analog stick to vault over. This means you’ll need to be really quick with your button presses, especially when zombies and dogs are chasing you.

During my time with Umbrella Corps, I didn’t really find a need to constantly vault over obstacles, as there was usually an alternate path for you to take to reach your destination. Oftentimes, it’ll be safer to find another path with more cover too. Vaulting over obstacles might be a shortcut, but the time and button presses required for you to actually get it done leaves you very vulnerable to enemy attacks. I advise doing so only when you’re in the clear.

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