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The Sims 3: How to Become a Werewolf

sims 3 werewolves

The Sims 3: How to Become a Werewolf

The Sims 3: Supernatural introduces different kinds of sims that you can make or become. Werewolves are one of the supernatural entities, in fact. If you’re wondering how to become one, you’ve come to the right place!

Naturally, you can make a werewolf so long as you have the Supernatural expansion installed. However, if you have a sim you want to become a werewolf, you can do so by finding one out in your town. Befriend them and work that relationship up. Once you both are at a good point in your friendship/relationship, you can ask for “the Werewolf Curse.” They’ll bite your sim’s neck and voila, they will be a werewolf. You can transform into a werewolf on a full moon and develop the hidden skill, Lycanthropy now!

If you’re sick of being a werewolf, you can simply buy the Bottled Curse of the Lycan elixir. This can be bought at the elixir consignment shop sometimes or made with level eight Alchemy.

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