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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Faith


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are

How long will you have to run?

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the long awaited follow-up to 2008’s sleeper hit Mirror’s Edge, where players take the reigns of Faith once more. Acting as both a prequel and reimagining for the series, players are finally able to explore this gorgeous open world city to their hearts content.

When going through the campaign, along with a variety of side missions, collectible hunting, and practicing in time trials, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an easy 15-20 hour experience. If you are just interested in the story alone, void of any side objectives, then the campaign will run anywhere between 8-10 hours. Now this will obviously depend on your skill level and just how fast you can traverse the variety of levels. Yet, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is considerably longer than the original, though I am sure speedrunners will manage to demolish the game in a matter of days.

For those of you interested in how many chapters there are as well as their names, go to the next page. These chapters are named, so we do not wish to spoil it for anyone who’s trying to go into the game with no knowledge.

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