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Dead by Daylight: How to Play the Wraith Killer


Dead by Daylight: How to Play the Wraith Killer



How to Play the Wraith Killer in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, Wraith Abilities

The Wraith can easily be one of the most difficult killers to play in Dead by Daylight. Because the Wraith focuses more on intelligence and out-playing the survivors rather than brute strength or raw speed, its abilities come in the form of stealth and mind games. The Wraith is equipped with the Wailing Bell which will cause the killer to become invisible after a short cast time. While invisible the Wraith is unable to attack, however movement speed is increased which allows for greater map coverage. As an added bonus, while the Wraith is invisible the survivors’ heartbeat sense won’t activate which gives the Wraith the unique ability to sneak up right behind them.

The Wailing Bell comes with a fairly large side effect though. In order to drop invisibility, the Wraith must initiate another cast and while doing so is unable to perform any actions. This means that the survivors will have a small window of opportunity to run away before you mercilessly chase them down. It’s important to position yourself accordingly and force them to run in a direction that’ll make capture easier. Also, while casting the bell a ringing noise will be heard across the entire map. The closer a survivor is to the Wraith, the louder the ringing sound will be. Try to de-cloak behind a wall or tree and not directly behind a survivor or they’ll be quick to spring into action. The key to being successful with the Wraith’s abilities is to be devious about their usage.

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