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Overwatch vs. Battleborn: Which is Better?


Overwatch vs. Battleborn: Which is Better?

Heroes do battle.

Overwatch vs. Battleborn


May has been good to those who love video games. We’ve gotten a stellar expansion to Fallout 4, and the finale to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. But there are two games released over the past few weeks that were lined up to go head to head: Overwatch and Battleborn.

These two first-person action games are vying for the attention of anyone looking to scratch their itchy trigger finger. Seeing as how they both provide fast-paced gameplay, it can be difficult for some to make a choice between the two. Do you go with Blizzard’s brand new class shooter? Or, do you try something different and jump into Gearbox’s first-person MOBA?

Deciding which is better for you may take a bit of thought. Allow us to help you with that.

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