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Overwatch: How to Get Skins For Your Heroes

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Overwatch: How to Get Skins For Your Heroes

Overwatch has many different heroes for you to play as and “git gud.” Naturally, once you find that special main, you might be interested in getting some awesome outfits for them, right? Well, lucky for you, Overwatch has different skins!

There are many you can get for each character, and the primary way you can is through Loot Boxes (check out our in-depth guide on those over here). Sometimes, although rare, you can open up one of your Loot Boxes and it might have a skin for a random hero. Ta da!

Unfortunately, this is randomized both in which skin and which hero, so you might not end up with the one you want whatsoever. The more surefire way to make sure you get the outfit you’ve been eyeing is by buying it directly. Head over to the main menu and select Hero Gallery. Once you’re here, select the hero you want to get an outfit for. Then, select the skins section. Here, you will see all of the selected hero’s skins and how much they cost, noted in the parenthesis. This way, you can spend credits you earn to get the exact skin you want.

Go now an look as fly as possible.

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