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The Best Overwatch Defense Characters, Ranked


The Best Overwatch Defense Characters, Ranked

Which would you want watching your back?

Overwatch Defense


With all of the objective-based modes that make up Overwatch, any team worth its weight in bragging rights needs a solid defense. Sure, offense is important for pushing through and helping to punish your enemies, and support characters help those damage dealing heroes last just a little bit longer. Tanks are also useful for defending players who are moving about. But when it comes to holding down an area, especially an objective, nobody gets the job done like a good ol’ defensive hero.

There are six heroes in Overwatch who play the defense role, and each one brings something a little different to the table. But who’s the best when it comes to protecting what’s theirs?

We’ll be ranking defensive characters based on survivability and ability to completely lock down a zone. 

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