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The Best Overwatch Offense Characters, Ranked


The Best Overwatch Offense Characters, Ranked

These Heroes bring the pain!

Offense in Overwatch


Overwatch is one seriously intense game. Bullets whiz by as you make your way to objectives, all the while battling enemy heroes as they take pot shots at you from behind cover or high vantage points. What helps to make things go well for you and your team is that everyone plays their role. One of those roles is offense, and those players are tasked with dealing out damage to clear the way for allies.

Of course, there isn’t just one offensive hero in Overwatch. There are six, and choosing which one is the best depends on what you’re looking for. To help you out we’ve ranked all six of them. This ranking is based on destructive power. While each hero has his/her own special uses to consider, power is one of the components that will prove to be very important, especially for newer players. 

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