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Is Uncharted 4 the Best PS4 Game? (Video)

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Is Uncharted 4 the Best PS4 Game? (Video)

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Another week, another Twinfinite Discusses. Welcome back to the show where Yami, Ed, Sharon, and Ish talk about the hottest gaming topics of the week and the questions you send in. This week, they discuss the hot debates that have taken the gaming world by storm. Uncharted 4 has released and it is sweeping the world as the second coming (to the PlayStation 4). What do we each think of it? Is it as good as everyone says, or is it a big ol’ flop? Is it, indeed, the best PS4 game to date? Oh, and we also talk about the new Pokemon starters: Litten, Rowlet, and the clown idiot.

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