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Fallout 4: How to Start Far Harbor

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Fallout 4: How to Start Far Harbor

Time to begin.

Far Harbor is the latest expansion for Fallout 4, and it introduces a lot of new content. Of course, to enjoy that content you’ll have to get to it. Far Harbor isn’t chosen from a menu or anything, so when it comes time to head to the new large island and play through the extensive story laid out by Bethesda, you’re going to have to put in a bit of legwork.

As we stated in our guide on preparing for Far Harbor, you will first have to complete the “Getting a Clue” mission in Fallout 4. It’s a relatively early main mission, so if you’ve spent some time with the game already you should be ready to go. If you’re just starting the entire game, however, it’s a few hours into the game shortly after when you first enter Diamond City.

The quest “Reunions” (which we won’t spoil) is also recommended, as completing it will make life a bit easier, but isn’t 100% necessary.

After meeting the requirements, head on over to the Nakano residence. It’s located at the northeast of the Commonwealth, all the way at the top edge of the map. This will trigger the questline that actually takes you to Far Harbor to get the adventure going.

When you’re on your way to this new area, be sure to prepare yourself. Fallout 4 becomes a very different game.

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