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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: How Long to Finish & How Many Quests There Are in the DLC

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: How Long to Finish & How Many Quests There Are in the DLC

Plenty to do in Far Harbor!

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC has arrived and players will be returning to the wasteland once again to explore a completely new area. You’ll be taking on new creatures, and exploring a completely new storyline with Nick Valentine at your side to assist you.

With giving you a whole new area to explore, Far Harbor has a bunch of different quests for you to complete to make use of this environment. While there are a bunch of side missions that you can complete as well, it’s Far Harbor’s main quest that many players will be jumping into first.

So how long does it take you to complete the new DLC? Well, like any other open-world game, it depends on how much exploration you like to do as you go along. For those who want to hit every map marker and do all of the quests, you’ll probably be looking around the 20-22 hour mark. Although, there are plenty of hidden areas in Far Harbor that might add a little bit of extra time on top of this.

If you’re looking at getting through the main quest and leaving it at that, then you may find yourself getting through it in a bit under the 10-hour mark. However, if you complete all of the side-quests, which there are a lot of, then you’ll be able to add an additional 10-15 hours on top of this.

So in summary, you’re looking at about 15-20 hours with just completing the main quests and side quests, with an additional few hours to explore the world and hit all of those locations.

To see all of the main quests that you’ll be taking on in Far Harbor, click over to the next page. We’ve done this to avoid any spoilers for those wanting to remain completely spoiler free.

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