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Which of These 10 Dark Souls III Players Are You?


Which of These 10 Dark Souls III Players Are You?

Which are you, Unkindled?

The Sunbro

This being the third iteration of the highly challenging Dark Souls series, many have become familiar with the beloved phrase “Praise the Sun.” This mantra, bestowed upon the many hopeful by Knight Solaire has been a rallying call for many of From Software’s more devoted fans. But for many, there is more to life than just uttering a well-known catchphrase. The Unkindled must become one with the light in order to truly wash themselves clean of the looming darkness.

Sunbros live by the same code that brought Solaire into our lives all those years ago. Dark Souls III is not just another opportunity to die, but one to help others in need as we steer the nightmare towards something a bit more favorable. Instead of lurking around corners, Sunbros greet hostility with open arms and share nothing but honor and hope with those lucky enough to make their acquaintance.

With arms lifted high towards the morning sun, you are happiness incarnate in this pit of utter despair.

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