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Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Hack With the Trespasser

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Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Hack With the Trespasser

Ratchet and Clank has many different gadgets to make our lovable Lombax and robot duo the best adventurers in the galaxy. Gadgets are not weapons you use whenever you want, rather they are special and only pop up for use in specific places. One of these gadgets is the Trespasser. In order to get yourself this gadget, check out our guide over here.

The Trespasser is a questionable little device that turns our heroes into hackers. You’re able to go up to doors that otherwise would be locked to you and unlock them by approaching the specially lit panel. Once you do, you’ll be faced with a mini-game puzzle that might have you scratching your head a bit. Sure, you can “auto hack” them, but keep in mind that doing this even once will null your ability to get the trophy associated with this. You must hack all the doors in the game yourself in order to unlock it.

The object of this Ratchet & Clank mini-game is simple: get all the spots that can be lit up, lit up. While it gets harder and harder as you go on in the game, there’s an easy way to make solving them all simpler. Once you reach the point where you can turn off rings, opt to turn off all of them. Then, one by one, position your rings at points where their blockades do not block any lasers. This easily opens up the solution, as the lasers are often meant to be positioned where the blocks do not obstruct anything.

Using this method, you’ll avoid clutter of having every ring turned on and can easily see the solution. It’s almost like going backwards on a maze puzzle. Work out which rings are too obstructive and block them out, or position the blockades between the gaps.

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