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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Skill Roll and Quick Turn

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Skill Roll and Quick Turn

All about the turn n’ roll.

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta is finally out and has given players the opportunity to put their parkour skills to the test once again. Fans of the original game may notice, however, that they’re having troubles being able to use the handy Quick Turn and Skill Roll skills listed in the game’s controls, or you might be struggling to use it effectively. Here’s how to Quick Turn and Skill Roll, and use them effectively.

Quick Turning allows you to quickly pull off a 90 or 180-degree turn, depending on what you’re doing. This can be particularly handy when trying to escape up narrow staircases or pulling off consecutive wallruns. In order to be able to Quick Turn, however, the game requires you to actually purchase the ability first. The Skill Roll is great for softening the blow when jumping from great heights. This is invaluable when running time trials as a heavy landing can often cost you a couple of precious seconds. Rolling when you land will not only soften the blow but will allow you to continue building your flow and keep your speed up.

Abilities can be purchased by earning XP in the game through completing side missions, main missions, and other little challenges dotted around Catalyst’s world. Once you’ve completed a few missions and earned enough XP to unlock an ability, simply open up the Progression tab in the game’s menu and head over to Movement. In here, you should find a number of abilities that will help you to improve the way you traverse around the world. In here, you should find both the Quick Turn and Simply select it and you’ll now be able to quick turn with a simple press of the R1/ RB button.

Now that you’ve got the abilities, it’s important to know when best to utilize them when running around the city. The best points at which to use the quick turn ability are normally during areas that require a lot of tight turning. Faith loses speed as she runs around corners, or clambers up a wall, turns around and then carries on in the direction she needs to go. Therefore, a Quick Turn can be particularly helpful to reach a ledge that would be otherwise just out of reach. Simply wallrun up a nearby wall, use the Quick Turn to face where you need to get, and leap off. The additional height you’ll have will give you the ability to silkily be on your way, with no slow, awkward turning circles.

As for the Skill Roll, as we mentioned before it’s perfect for when dropping from any great height. Simply hold L2 close to the point of impact, or during a slide to quickly roll out of it. By doing so, you’ll retain your high momentum and also gain Focus Shield, which helps to prevent you from taking damage from enemies.

That’s all there is to it. Have you got any more tips for other Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst fans? Share them in the comments below.

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