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Total War: Warhammer Details the Monstrous Vampire Vargheists


Total War: Warhammer Details the Monstrous Vampire Vargheists

Making ‘death from above’ seem almost ironic.

Total War: Warhammer is just a few months away, and Creative Assembly is keeping the excitement up by giving us details on all the epic armies unleashed when the game launches in May.

After revealing the undead armies of the Vampire Counts earlier this month, the game’s newest trailer shows the development, and shares a bit of the lore, behind one of that army’s most terrifying units, the Vargheists. “It is said that Vargheists are the darkness in a Vampire’s ragged soul made manifest,” the trailer explains.

“Vampire siblings not slain outright, are imprisoned in the catacombs far below the von Carstein castles, sealed in stone sarcophagi and forgotten… As warpstone tainted water leaks into the baroque cocoon, a dread change takes place.”

A flying unit, the Vargheists can swoop down on unsuspecting armies, dealing massive amounts of damage. Though it’s only a brief glimpse, you can check out the Vargheists in action in the recent trailer for the Vampire Counts army.

The first Total War game to not feature a real historical setting, Total War: Warhammer is based on the high fantasy of the Warhammer tabletop strategy game. Look for the Vagheists, and plenty of other fantastical people and creatures, when the game releases May 24th.

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