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Harvard Team Kicked from Heroes of the Storm Tournament

Heroes of the Storm, Harvard

Harvard Team Kicked from Heroes of the Storm Tournament

Cheaters never prosper.

Harvard University’s Team Ambush were disqualified from a Heroes of the Storm tournament after they were found to have cheated.

Blizzard Entertainment and TeSPA, who have organized the university tournament called Heroes of the Dorm, announced on Thursday that during official matches one of the team members shared their account with a higher ranked player that wasn’t officially part of the team. They will be taking action against the accounts of the individuals involved, who will also be indefinitely banned from future tournaments run by TeSPA.

Team Hot Boys from the University of Michigan were also found to be doing similar by the officials, and Blizzard announced at the end of their post that the team were disqualified from the Round of 64.

Heroes of the Dorm is a tournament for Blizzard Entertainment MOBA Heroes of the Storm, where the teams are made of college students. The players of the team that wins the tournament will each receive a scholarship of up to $25000 for up to three years, depending on what year they are currently in.

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