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Tidus’ Voice Actor Tells the Story Behind Final Fantasy X’s Infamous Laughing Scene

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Tidus’ Voice Actor Tells the Story Behind Final Fantasy X’s Infamous Laughing Scene

James Arnold Taylor gets the last laugh.

For anyone who’s played Final Fantasy X, the laughing scene is absolutely unforgettable. It’s an incredibly awkward scene that has the game’s main character Tidus forcing an awkward laugh, while trying to encourage Yuna.

James Arnold Taylor, the voice actor behind Tidus, uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel today where he tells the story behind the laugh. In the video he breaks the news to fans who’ve been wondering all these years about the scene,

“It was supposed to be an awkward, dumb, goofy laugh.”

According to Taylor the game’s script was huge and took three and a half months to record. He says that he receives emails almost daily, thanking him for his work on Tidus in Final Fantasy X.

The scene in question is supposed to be exactly as it was, the scene is written that way. Surprisingly, Taylor and Hedy Burress, who voices Yuna in the game, never performed any of their lines together. Taylor still looks back on the scene fondly,

“All these years later, I still look back on it and I think it’s great. I think it’s funny. I know a lot of people go ‘Oh it’s bad, or it’s bad acting, or it’s stupid or it’s awkward,’ yeah it is. It’s supposed to be. That’s the point.”

Taylor ends with one final point on how charming the characters of the game were, and how they feel so real to so many people. He also teaches everyone once and for all how to pronounce Tidus. Take a look at the full video from James Arnold Taylor down below.

What do you think of Final Fantasy X’s well known scene? Do you find it charming or annoying? Let us know down in the comments.


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