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Neko Atsume: How to Get All Cats With Their Favorite Goodies


Neko Atsume: How to Get All Cats With Their Favorite Goodies

Need more cats.

neko atsume

Neko Atsume will leave you in charge of, basically, a cat hostel. You’ll lay out food, toys, beds, and more in your efforts to get more and more cats to visit and stay awhile. You already know how to get more Gold and Silver Fish and you know how to get mementos, but here’s a list of every single cat in Neko Atsume and their preferred goodies. Laying these items out in your yard will definitely increase the chances of each one showing up. Here’s a guide for getting all of the rare cats. It’s more in-depth with more of their likes.

Bandit – Large shopping box, cardboard house, cake box, green cushion, cardboard choo-choo, woven and pink hammocks, two and three-tier cat trees, cat metropolis, cat condo complex, bureau with pot, “I, “T”, “U” tunnel pieces, mouse and bunny kick toys, mister mouse and dragonfly, pile of leaves, planter, cowboy hat, scratching log, scratching post, heating stove, kotatsu

Billy the Kitten (Rare) – Cowboy hat

Bob the Cat (Rare) – Cat metropolis

Bolt – Earthenware pot, fruit basket, purple, green, and yellow pillows, thick cooling pad, gift box, cardboard cafe, watermelon ball, small shopping box, sheep cusion, sakuramochi cushion, cat metropolis, beach umbrella, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex, fish, bunny, and saury kick toys, pile of leaves, heating stove, kotatsu, pink and green cat macaroons, glass vase, cat pancake, goldfish bowl, butterfly swarm, arabeqsue blanket, burger cushion

Breezy- Gift box, small shopping box, paper umbrella, glass vase, wood pail, twisty rail, basically any type of cushion, modern and nature tents, cardboard choo-choo, cardboard house, yellow rubber ball, dice cube, pom-pom sock, cat metropolis, two-tier cat tree, kotatsu, space heater, pile of leaves, cat pancake, cowboy hat, plastic bag, paper bag, arabesque blanket, bureau with pot

Callie – Earthenware pot, goldfish bowl, cat pancake, cowboy hat, heating stove, kotatsu, lacquered bowl, cat metropolis, plastic bag, luxurious hammock, yellow, pink, and woven hammocks, arabesque blanket, pom-pom sock, ball of yarn, warm sock, tiramisu cube, navy blue cube, brown, purple, and green cushions, cardboard house, cardboard cafe

Chairman Meow (Rare) – Earthenware pot

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