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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Triborg


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Triborg

Four characters in one.

Cyber Sub-Zero (LK-520)

cyber sub-zero

Triborg is the only character in Mortal Kombat X to have four variations. The fourth one, Cyber Sub-Zero, is hidden and needs a bit of coercing on the character select screen. But, once you do get a hold of this fighter, you have one of the most unique fighters in the game (even if he does use ice like regular Sub-Zero).

Cyber Sub-Zero can actually use his ice in many different ways, and can even further enhance his abilities thanks to Drones. Cryo Bombs are have a delayed reaction that allow you to work freezing into combos with ease. Enhancing these bombs using R2 (provided that you have meter to use) will leave a puddle of coolant that lasts longer than a standard explosion. Your basic freeze attack can be enhanced into a beam making it much faster and more difficult to avoid.

On top of these extra abilities, Cyber Sub-Zero is also much faster than the classic version of the fighter. Using the speed and power that Triborg posses in all its forms, players will be able to easily control any battle. The added defensive capabilities, such as the ability to use your X-Ray as a shield and moves that have dodges built in, make this one of the most balanced fighters in the game.

Cyber Sub-Zero is great for all players. Great range, great power, and great speed make this kombatant a tough one to beat.

Cyber Sub-Zero Special Moves (Commands use PS4 controls):

  • Kold Strike – Back + Triangle (If a Drone is active, hold Triangle for more power)
  • Frozen Stab – Forward + Triangle
  • Ice Ball – Back, Forward, Square (Becomes a beam when enhanced with R2)
  • Slide – Down, Back, Circle (Adds a strike when enhanced with R2)
  • Dive Kick – (In Air) Down + X
  • Ice Bomb – Down, Down, Triangle (Enhancing with R2 leaves a pool of coolant)
  • Close Ice Bomb – Down, Back, Triangle
  • Far Ice Bomb – Down, Forward, Triangle
  • Drone – Down, Down, X (Can summon up to three. Enhancing summons the max at once)

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