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Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Leatherface


Mortal Kombat X: How to Play Leatherface

Chainsaw revving!


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Leatherface is one seriously frightening kombatant. Jason Voorhees was evil and murderous, but he was really just a dead boy who got filled with evil after being bullied forever. Leatherface isn’t dead, nor is he possessed. He’s just one twisted man who loves chainsaws. His fighting style oozes brutality helping him fit right in within Mortal Kombat X.

Leatherface’s most basic style is Killer. Relying mostly on the basic attacks that can be used in all of his variations, Killer brings only one special move to the table that has a few modifications. Berserker Stance causes the player to brandish the chainsaw and lose the ability to move until an act is chosen, or it cancels out. Each of the attacks are intense and one is completely unblockable.

Since this variation only offers the one special ability, players will focus on chainsaw swipes to keep the pressure on opponents. Thankfully, Leatherface is useful at close to mid-range so you don’t have to fret too  much as long as your opponent doesn’t play keep-away. This variation has zero ranged attacks and isn’t particularly fast. So if you get frustrated easily or plan on facing friends who like faster, ranged fighters, this isn’t your best choice.

Killer’s Special Moves (Commands are performed on PS4. Use the corresponding controller buttons on the Xbox One):

  • Berserker Stance – Down, Back, X
    • Exit Berserker – X
    • Running Frenzy – Circle (Unblockable)
    • Psycho Rush – Square (Mid)
    • No Escape – Triangle (Overhead)

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