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Clash Royale: How to Get Prince Cards Easily


Clash Royale: How to Get Prince Cards Easily

Clash Royale is a deck building RTS where the cards you play matter as much if not more than your skills as a strategist. As such, it’s important that you have an array of cards to help you meet your goals. Your goals are always crowns. You must get crowns.

The Prince is a name that strikes fear into any Clash Royale player’s heart. Or warms it up, depending on whether you’ve had the privilege of getting this Epic ranked card in your deck. Once you do, you’ll never go back to a life without Prince. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get him.

See, the developers know he’s a tough cookie. He has a ton of health, deals a really good amount of damage, and if he gets charging (which is easy for him to do), he’ll do double the damage on the next thing he hits. He’s good against units and buildings. Basically, he’s a beast, not a prince.

Starting Stats:

  • 1,100 HP
  • 220 Damage
  • Targets ground
  • Range is 2.5
  • 146 DPS
  • 1.5 second Hit Speed
  • Medium Speed
  • 1 second Deploy Time

The best way to get this Epic card is by playing the game and winning chests on chests on chests. He’s bound to appear and can definitely appear as early as Arena One. Sometimes he may be up for sale in the store (which updates every day), but he’ll cost you a pretty penny (tons of gold). At the time of writing this, he was up for sale. However, as I already have him in my deck and that means the price for another will go up, he costs a whopping 2,000 gold. Definitely a difference from a 40 gold Musketeer card or three gold Spear Goblins card.

Thus, your best bet is to definitely keep playing, keep winning, and keep unlocking those chests for more and more cards.

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