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Clash Royale: How to Play Against Friends

clash royale

Clash Royale: How to Play Against Friends

Clash Royale will have you dueling in a RTS tower defense card game hybrid. It’s a ton of fun to pummel some random opponents online, sure. But what about your friends?

Sadly, Clash Royale doesn’t make this easy to do. In order to face up against one of your friends, you’re going to have to both be in the same clan. Once you are, one of you will have to head to the Clan screen and hit the Friendly Battle option on the top right. This will put a call out for someone to accept the battle challenge and fight. Be quick about it if you’re in a populated clan, of course, because it is a challenge that goes out to everyone. Regular tournament rules apply to this battle and you can still earn crowns.

There you have it! Get out there and make all your friends suddenly decide they no longer want to be associated with you in any way shape or form!

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