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XCOM 2: How to Get Intel Easily For Your Base


XCOM 2: How to Get Intel Easily For Your Base

How to Get Intel – XCOM 2

XCOM 2 will have you taking the role of a Commander of a human army going against the alien threat. You’ll be in charge of the field and combat, as well as the base and its productions. One of the most valuable resources besides Supplies is Intel. It’s how you can buy stuff on the Black Market as well as how you’ll expand your reach around the world and make contact with other Resistance points.

The most steady way to increase your Intel is by scanning at your Resistance HQ. This is also how you’re able to pass the time easily when there’s nothing else for you to do. You’ll gain some every day this way, so long as you continue scanning. Additionally, certain scanning boosts that you equip will grant you even more. But you’ll need to get those, first.

Also, whenever there is a mission available that will provide hefty Intel, you should take it so you’re not running low on it ever. It’s incredibly useful in the Black Market, after all. Usually, these come in the form of Council Missions where you’ll be extracting some VIP that will give you a hefty amount of Intel.

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