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Will Destiny Fans Jump Ship for The Division?


Will Destiny Fans Jump Ship for The Division?

A new home for Destiny’s fans?

The Division beta finally gave players around the world a chance to dive into its world. New York City has suffered a biological terrorist attack, and the city is now in shambles as society has fallen apart. It is up to you, as an elite agent of a secret organization, to rid the city of its threats and reclaim it for the survivors who just want to pick up the pieces.

the division

Once you jump into this narrative, you will find something similar to another shared-world game that has you reclaiming lands: Destiny. Of course in Destiny players are guardians instead of agents, and they’re pushing back the darkness instead of terrorism (as we understand it). But, the way in which you accomplish your mission in both games shares the same core, so much so that some may even consider jumping ship from the interplanetary offering of Destiny for the snow-blanketed streets of The Division.

It may seem far-fetched at first, but when you look at the factors in effect, The Division may be the next great experience for Destiny’s large fan-base. 

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