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10 of the Best XCOM 2 Character Creations so Far

xcom 2

10 of the Best XCOM 2 Character Creations so Far

All around me are familiar faces…

Wherever there’s a place to create custom characters, the internet will come through with endless recreations of iconic characters and celebrities. It happened with Fallout 4, it happened with The Peanuts Movie, and now it’s happening with XCOM 2.

Geralt’s job would have been a lot easier if he had that kind of firepower as a Witcher.

XCOM 2, character creation, Geralt, The Witcher

Courtesy of PC Gamer.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to Kylo Ren bringing the pain.

XCOM 2, character creation, Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren

Courtesy of PC Gamer.

See that gun? That’s a happy little gun. With it, Bob Ross is ready to pump some aliens full of happy little lead.

XCOM 2, character creation, Bob Ross

Courtesy of PC Gamer.

You can almost smell the teenage angst seeping off of Chloe from Life is Strange.

XCOM 2, character creation, Chloe, Life is Strange

Courtesy of PC Games N.

I’m sure there’s a “Nobody asked for this” joke in here, but they’re a bit overdone. Here’s Adam Jensen from Deus Ex.

XCOM 2, character creation, Deus Ex, Adam Jensen

Courtesy of @Zanagoth.

It’s almost like this hair choice was included with the explicit intent for fans to recreate Street Fighter’s Guile. Mission accomplished.

XCOM 2, character creation, Guile, Street Fighter

Courtesy of @killyourfm.

That color scheme. That helmet. Those determined eyes. Yeah, this Samus Aran is spot-on.

XCOM 2, character creation, Samus, Metroid

Courtesy of Game Informer.

Have you any bubble gum? This guy could sure use some, lest he continue kicking all that alien ass.

XCOM 2, character creation, Duke Nukem

Courtesy of @Xl9Gaming.

You want help winning the fight? You’ll definitely want Sarah Connor on your side.

XCOM 2, character creation, Sarah Connor, Terminator

He’s just got three words for the alien menace: FEEL THE BERN.

XCOM 2, character creation, Bernie Sanders

Courtesy of @StealthHazrd.

Feel free to share your own awesome XCOM 2 character creations with us in the comments!

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