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12 Fallout 4 Character Creations You’ll Instantly Recognize

Fallout 4, character creation, Skylar, Walter White

12 Fallout 4 Character Creations You’ll Instantly Recognize

These are the true stars of the Wasteland.

Fallout 4’s character creation tool brought a whole new level of customization to the series. Those who have a natural artistic talent will have found moving and modifying the size of jowls on the face a piece of cake, quickly and easily creating a character not too dissimilar to themselves.

Others, however, used the many different options available to them to create some pretty horrific looking characters. Scars, burns, and out of place features became a plenty in these monstrosities.

Then, we had a whole new level of creation expertise with those who have successfully sculpted like-for-like characters to their favorite celebrities.

While we accepted our slightly off-looking characters, these select few must have spent many hours intricately altering each tiny detail of these characters’ faces.

I mean, are we playing Witcher 3 here or something?

Fallout 4, character creation, Geralt

It was only a matter of time…

Fallout 4, character creation, John Cena

For wrestling fans who want to keep it old school, you can always go with the recently shamed legend.

Fallout 4, character creation, Hulk Hogan

What about everyone’s favorite Rap/Reality Star celebrity couple?

Fallout 4, character creation, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

This one is pretty much a perfect character to create in Fallout 4 considering his background in hunting down his kids.

Fallout 4, character creation, Liam Neeson

When you spot that mysterious flash in the sky out in the wastelands, these two are the perfect duo to seek the truth.

Fallout 4, character creation, Mulder and Scully, X-Files

Or, if you prefer to wander the wastelands as one of the most powerful men in the world.

Fallout 4, character creation, Obama

Not a fan of Obama and his presidential style? May we suggest Putin instead?

Fallout 4, character creation, Putin

If you want to live the life of a chem seller in the wasteland, is there anyone better to fill the role? Even Skylar got the Fallout 4 treatment!

Fallout 4, character creation, Skylar, Walter White

Alternatively, if you’re a big Nintendo fan, you could always go for one Wario’s sidekick. Who knew Waluigi could be recreated so perfectly? That female Waluigi in the background really creeps us out, though.

Fallout 4, character creation, Waluigi

For any Community fans out there, we think evil Abed would fit perfectly into Fallout 4.

Fallout 4, character creation, Evil Abed

And to round things off, our final entrant moved on from his huge Twitch stream success and wandered into the wasteland instead.

Fallout 4, character creation, Bob Ross

Have you made a really cool character in Fallout 4’s creation tool? Or have you stumbled across one on the internet? Let us know in the comments below.

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