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Kojima’s Tech Tour Must be a Quest to Scan Him into the Matrix & Preserve Him for Eternity


Kojima’s Tech Tour Must be a Quest to Scan Him into the Matrix & Preserve Him for Eternity

He will live long after you and I are dust.

Mark Cerny, PS4 Lead System Architect, and Hideo Kojima, flawless human, are taking a 10-day road trip in search of the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology. A tech world tour will no doubt be a fruitful way to kick off Sony and Kojima’s partnership, bringing excitement to the fans, advancing his next game, and fulfilling Sony’s lifelong dream of digitizing Kojima into the virtual world so that he may exist for all eternity.

First stop on the line was Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group in San Diego, where the Metal Gear creator got a front-row look at the process behind The Last of Us and The Order: 1886. Sony is understandably excited to show off their most advanced techniques for digitally capturing the live-motion performances of these stunning games, and also his soul.

After a few questions about safety and success rates, Kojima happily stepped into Sony’s Matrix machine, pictured below. The multi-camera system is designed to scan a subject from all angles, picking up movements and key expressions and ultimately turning what we know as a man into a lengthy sequence of ones and zeroes that may not make sense to you. But rest assured, Kojima’s essence will live on in the infinite of cyberspace long after you and I have withered to dust.

hideo kojima sony cerny chair cameras capture technology tour

Sony employees stand idly with folded arms, pretending not to hear Kojima scream as he experiences the extremely invasive thing this helmet is doing to his brain. That just means it’s working.

At the end of the day, Kojima’s AI clone sits happily next to the lifeless husk of the man he used to be. The remaining nine days of the world tour will be focused on showing Cyber-HK the world, the one he will rule over centuries from now.

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