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Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings


Oxenfree Guide: How to Get All Endings

So many choices, so little time.

Oxenfree has various alternative endings that combine from your choices through the game to make up how Alex’s story finishes. These are all based on the things you say to your friends (or enemies) and the ghosts. Depending on that, you’ll have affected Alex’s relationships with Jonas, Ren, Nona, Clarissa, and even Michael. SPOILERS AHEAD!


Good Possible Endings

Be on Jonas’ Good Side – Have him accompany you a lot and don’t side with Ren when they fight. Choosing to stay neutral during their big argument in the Comm Tower is a safe bet, as you won’t piss off either one of them. Don’t blame him for any of the crazy stuff that’s happening, either. And choose the kindest options when you’re talking to him. Like when he asks you if you think he’s stupid, tell him he’s smart. Just be nice. For an added bonus, help him talk to his mom at the end. Whether he ends up your new stepbrother or just a friend, you’ll be on good terms.

Ren and Nona Start Dating – This is as easy as hinting to Nona that Ren likes her. There will be a lot of instances where Nona can be spoken to and you can wing man for Ren. I didn’t actually push it at all until the time loop where Nona is devastated over Ren’s supposed death and admits she had feelings for him. It seems like mentioning there that Ren cared about her and hoped she liked him back does the ultimate trick for this ending.

Save Michael – When it comes to keeping Michael from drowning in the first place, speak your mind when he asks what you think he should do for college. Tell him you think he shouldn’t go. Make sure you don’t give him your blessing to even elope with Clarissa and hightail it to New York without going to college. Keep him from leaving at all costs.

Michael and Clarissa Keep Dating – First off, don’t erase Clarissa from existence when the ghosts want to make a deal with you. Then, make every effort to be supportive of their relationship. Don’t diss her to Michael.

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