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Lego Marvel Avengers: How to Get Daredevil


Lego Marvel Avengers: How to Get Daredevil

Here’s the second step on assembling The Defenders.

Daredevil has become a very popular superhero over the past year since the launch of the Netflix TV series. Thankfully he is playable in Lego Marvel Avengers, but it won’t be any easy task to unlock. Here’s what you need to do to get another member of the Defenders to play.

You can find him at a pier in Dockside Barney near the large containers and construction gear. When you first meet him, he asks you to complete a task for him and after completing the brief task, he will then be available on your roster. You still will need to spend some Studs to enable and play him.

Daredevil will not be wearing the costume from the Netflix series. He will be in a completely red suit much like he’s best known for wearing in comics. If you unfamiliar with this suit you can check out the in-game picture below to see what he looks like. Not too shabby, right?

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