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Check Out This Perfect Replica of Valhalla Forged in Halo 5

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Check Out This Perfect Replica of Valhalla Forged in Halo 5

Relive the iconic map!

Every Halo fan remembers firing up Halo 3 and playing what seemed to be every other match on the colossal map, Valhalla. It featured two bases, a stream on one side, and various caves throughout the map. Whether you enjoy close-quarters combat or downing enemies from a distance, Valhalla offered players of every style a chance to shine.

Now, in a video featured on YouTube channel Forge Labs, a player has masterfully recreated the map using Halo 5’s forge feature. Officially titled Halvallah, the replica was created by No God Anywhere, and attempts to maintain everything which made the original map so iconic.

The downed Pelican is made up of 23 blocks, and maintains the appropriate angles and look of the original.

The other issue in creating the map according to the video, is replicating the river that runs through it. A compromise had to be made to retain the authentic look of the map because there is no water on the canvas. Instead of using the tactics most people would use, No God Anywhere used glass pieces with a gobo to make it look like water. While players can no longer enter the water as they could in the original, the design decision maintains the look of Valhalla.

Check out the video below to see just how perfect the recreation is:

To download the map for use in custom games, you must first be friends with No God Anywhere. Then from the custom game screen, press X then RB, and find his username. Press A and navigate down to Map Variants. You should see “Halvalla v. 1” listed in his files. Select it, and you will be able to feel the nostalgia of playing on Valhalla in Halo 5.

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