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10 Things Only Final Fantasy Fans Will Understand

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10 Things Only Final Fantasy Fans Will Understand

Return the light of peace to our world!

Final Fantasy has long been one of the defining franchises for video games, and it can mean a lot of different things to those who’ve spent years playing the series. The themes of Final Fantasy games differ between titles, but each game can teach you something new about yourself or the world. Everyone has their favorites, but each game is memorable in its own way. Fans definitely haven’t been as uniformly positive on some of the more recent games, but Final Fantasy has big things on the horizon with games like Final Fantasy XV, Explorers, and the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy fans are some of the most passionate around, and that passion can seep over into the real world. Your view of the world can be forever changed when you realize:

You Look at this and See a Phoenix Down, and You Know Exactly Why You Need It

final fantasy, phoenix down

Being a Thief is Actually a Pretty Cool Thing

final fantasy, job, thief

Cid is the Best Name Ever

final fantasy, 7, cid, highwind

Souvenir Shops With Crystals Are Really Well Protected from Monsters and Natural Disasters

crystal, final fantasy

Talking About Jobs Only Makes You Think of Red Mage, Geomancer, Viking, Onion Knight and More.

mage, final fantasy, black, white, blue, red

You Call People a “Spoony Bard” as an Insult

bard, spoony, final fantasy, 4

Whenever You See Fire, Ice, or Lightning You Think of Magic Spells

final fantasy, magic, blizzard, fire, thunder

The Name Marlboro Reminds You Of Something Much Much Worse Than a Cigarette

final fantasy, malboro, enemy

Crossing any Bridge Makes You Whistle “Battle on the Bridge”

big bridge, final fantasy, v

Mythological Gods Are Basically Just Summons

final fantasy, summon, mythology

Bonus: Looking at a Tree Makes You Think of Exdeath

final fantasy, exdeath, v, tree

Final Fantasy has taken us on countless adventures time and again. There’s big things on the horizon for the series, and hopefully even more great experiences. Final Fantasy fans will always have a special connection with the games and with each other, that no one else can understand. Remember to always follow the guiding light of the crystals.

How else has Final Fantasy changed the way you look at things? What other inside jokes do you have?



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