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Video Games Celebrate Christmas and the Holidays

Mario Christmas

Video Games Celebrate Christmas and the Holidays

Happy holidays!

Today’s Christmas, a day of mass celebration and general awesomeness. We love to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, and so do video games!


Get a new system for the holidays?

Of course, with Christmas comes GAMES!

Whatever you got, it couldn’t have been worse than this.

Tis the season for some explosions.

Oh, the holidays, what punderful times await…

Jeez, Rico, at least TRY to smile.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Deck the halls with tons of loot, Guardians!

Heeeeeeeere’s holiday cards!


But it’s Christmas! You’re supposed to pay it forward!

May Fetch and Delsin light the sky with neon cheer!

Wonder if Magnolia will sing a tune.

Turkey and Gwent? Zombies and tombs?

From all of us here at Twinfinite, we hope you have a great Christmas and happy holidays!

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