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7 Ways to Ensure the Nintendo NX Makes Tons of Money


7 Ways to Ensure the Nintendo NX Makes Tons of Money

NX takes center stage.


Nintendo is making moves behind the scenes. After a rather tumultuous battle with convincing people that the Wii U was something worth picking up, they are finally in the process of getting the next generation ready for the public. After one of the largest console releases in the history of gaming is followed up by one of the worst, the big N certainly has a lot of work ahead.

The Nintendo NX (codename, not official name) is the next home console from the company, and it needs to succeed. Once upon a time, Nintendo dominated the market and easily edged out competition, but in the years since Sony and Microsoft have grown bigger and stronger. After the launch of the Wii U, both competitors came out with boxes that blew it out of the water in terms of appeal and ability.

So, with the company that helped to mold many of our childhoods out to steal the spotlight again, there’s a few things they need to make sure happen if they want to impress the masses and make tons of money. 

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