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Just Cause 3 – How to Unlock Fast Travel

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Just Cause 3 – How to Unlock Fast Travel

Travel faster.

Given the sheer size of Just Cause 3’s massive map, being able to fast travel between areas is crucial for efficiency. Unlike most open-world games, you don’t unlock the ability to fast travel immediately. Instead, you have to complete a few missions in order to get it.

Simply do the main story missions until Rico gets a call from Sheldon. This will unlock the main story mission titled ‘With Friends Like These’, and you’ll have to travel to the corner of your map in order to activate it. After watching the cutscene, simply head to the coast of ocean and help the rebels push their boat back into the water. This is easily done by using your dual tethers.

After that, the mission will prompt you to open your map and fast travel to a town. And there you have it. You’ll now be able to fast travel to towns, bases, and outposts you’ve already unlocked on the map.

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