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10 Gaming Heroes That Shined in 2015


10 Gaming Heroes That Shined in 2015

Everyone loves a hero.

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars Battlefront)

Star Wars Battlefront

Maybe it’s cheating to add in Luke, but we just don’t care. With Star Wars back in the forefront thanks to that pretty awesome movie, the original trilogy is washing the stink off the prequels to bring the franchise back to where it belongs.

After Return of the Jedi showed that its lead character had become a Jedi Master, Battlefront lets us wield his power. Plenty of games have let you play as a Jedi, but controlling Luke gives you that feeling of power that you had when you were 10 and just waving a stick around. You may play as Luke a bit more cruelly than he would, but you’re still the hero who brought the galaxy out of darkness. Gaming is all about wish fulfillment, and wrecking shit as the guy who brought balance to the Force is a wish we can all get behind.

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