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Cayde-6 is Destiny The Taken King’s MVP


Cayde-6 is Destiny The Taken King’s MVP

Cayde is the MAN.

Back when it first released last year, Destiny was knocked a lot for its story and lack of real characters. The Taken King aims at fixing that in a number of ways, one of which is by having the Vanguards play a larger role in the narrative. Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard, plays perhaps the most vital role of all, giving you a good amount of quests in the campaign. But he’s not just a quest-giver, he’s also the best character in Taken King, and probably Destiny in general.

He’s got no time for Eris’ mystic mumbo jumbo.


“Eris… get your rock off my map.”

Really, he’s got no time for Eris in general.


Shut up, Eris, it’s basically a funeral.


He’s also a master observer and joke teller.


Just look at that lovable mug of his.




Plus, he’s voiced by Nathan Fillion, one of the smoothest dudes ever!

Is it even possible to dislike Cayde-6? (No, obviously.)

Oh shut up, you.

Shout out to you, Cayde-6, you awesome bot. You the real MVP.

Just try to remember where you put your Sparrow, dude.

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