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4 Reasons Final Fantasy VII Remake Deserves More Faith


4 Reasons Final Fantasy VII Remake Deserves More Faith

You gotta have faith.

final fantasy vii remake

After shocking the world with its reveal back at E3 earlier this year, Final Fantasy VII Remake has returned to the spotlight over the last week or so. It’s no secret that Final Fantasy VII is one of the most highly regarded of the series, and while the PS3 era saw a few games get the remaster treatment, it just seemed like it was the right time to revive the sleeping giant for an entirely new generation.

Unfortunately, recent announcements such as the whole multi-part delivery have left some worried. Even though it was made clear that each part would equate to a full game since it couldn’t fit on one disk, there were still plenty of questions left needing answers. Of course that means there are those who may now believe that it was all too good to be true. Square Enix must be trying to outshine the mess that is Konami and they’re using Final Fantasy VII Remake to do it, right? Most likely not.

It’s still very early, but there are plenty of reasons to have a bit of faith as we wait for this game we’ve all been wanting for what seems like an eternity. 

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