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LEGO Dimensions Receives Accolades Trailer

LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions Receives Accolades Trailer

Critics Love LEGO Dimensions!

WB Games has released a new accolades trailer for LEGO Dimensions to show off how it’s the best toys to life game of the year!

Dimensions is the only game in 2015 that combines physical building and creating in the real world with video game action on your television screen to provide a unique experience to anyone who plays it. Although the game didn’t garner any perfect review scores from critics, it has been called, “the best LEGO title to date,” and “a revolution in both toys and video games.” It also reviewed a bit more favorably than the other LEGO game that released this year, LEGO Jurassic World.

If you have yet to pick up LEGO Dimensions for your family, consider doing so for the holidays! The game features great dialogue, with even better voice-acting talent behind the lines. The cast includes Elizabeth Banks as master builder Wyldstyle, Troy Baker as Batman, Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, & Laura Bailey as both Wonder Woman and Dorthy Gale, all of which can be heard in the trailer above.



This post was originally written by Danny Endurance.

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