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4 Ways to Prepare for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters


4 Ways to Prepare for Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Gaze into the abyss once more.

When Bloodborne hit earlier this year, it proved to be just the nightmare that everyone was looking forward to. Its challenging combat, gothic setting, horrifying monsters, and dark mystery caught the attention of everyone brave enough to explore its dark alleyways. And now with the advent of Old Hunters fans need to prepare to do it all over again. As much as you may have believed it to be so, the nightmare is far from over. In fact, it has evolved and there is a new realm where players need to traverse: the Hunter’s Nightmare.

This area will challenge all of you Hunters in new and terrifying ways, but don’t worry, it will all be worth it. New bosses, enemies, weapons, and armor await those willing to step into the abyss that haunts the minds of so many that came before you. All you need to do is answer the call and be prepared. We’ll help you with that second part.

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