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Bloodborne Gets an Update and Old Hunters Details


Bloodborne Gets an Update and Old Hunters Details

The hunt is back on.

In preparation for Bloodborne’s Old Hunters expansion that releases next Tuesday the 24th, From Software has put out update 1.07 for the base game. Sony gave some insight into it on their PlayStation Blog.

The update adds a “League” feature that brings in new NPCs for the game’s world. You can join the League by grabbing the “Impurity” rune and meeting up with Summon Master Valtr. To summon him, you go to the Forbidden Forest and go the shack to the right of the first lamp. Once you memorize the rune, you can access League ranking screens. To increase your ranking and position on the leaderboard, complete a co-op session successfully and crush the Vermin you receive for more points.

You’ll also be able to summon NPC allies to come to your aid, including inside the Chalice Dungeons. To be able to do that, get the “Old Hunter Bell” from the messengers in the Hunter’s Dream area. You’ll be able to summon up to two NPCs in some areas, or an NPC and one co-op partner.

Sony also went into exactly how players can unlock the Old Hunters expansion once they plop down the $20 for it.

  1. To start, boot up Bloodborne’s base game and take down the Cathedral Ward boss. Examine the altar in the back of the room and change the in-game time of day to night.
  2. Go to the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter from a messenger.
  3. Travel to the Oedon Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square.
  4. Head to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event. This event will take you to the new area: the Hunter’s Nightmare. Lighting the lamp in the new area will allow you to travel to and from the area via an Awakening Headstone in the Hunter’s Dream.

Excited for Bloodborne’s Old Hunters expansion? Let us know in the comments below.

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