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Fallout 4’s Most Annoying Enemy: This Unmovable Brahmin


Fallout 4’s Most Annoying Enemy: This Unmovable Brahmin

When you think of Fallout 4 and the enemies that inhabit its world, the first things you’ll think of are Super Mutants, Raiders and Sentry bots. The Brahmin, however, takes the award for being quite possibly the most annoying enemy in the entire game.

You see, the Brahmin may act all chilled and helpful, carting all that junk around on their back all day for their trader. But what you don’t know is that the Brahmin actually like to be a complete and utter annoyance when they roam around your settlement. Their forte tends to be getting stuck in stupid places, blocking out items, or just blocking the way out. This pesky Brahmin decided to block off a bed, and refused to get out of the shack I built in my settlement.

Why Brahmin have such a strong desire for starting complete unprovoked chaos I’m not entirely sure. It’s not like they’re mistreated. Maybe this one just wanted a place to sleep for the night. All we know is that they’ve climbed the list to the top of our ‘Fallout 4’s Enemies List.’

Have the Brahmin caused havoc in a settlement in your game of Fallout 4? How have you dealt with the rising of the most ignorant mutation of a cow? Let us know in the comments below.


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