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Fallout 4: What to Do With Overdue Books


Fallout 4: What to Do With Overdue Books

On your travels across Fallout 4’s wasteland, you’re more than likely going to find overdue books lying around the wasteland. With very little to suggest what exactly you’re supposed to do with these overdue books, you may be unsure of their purpose in Fallout 4. Fear not, let us talk you through it.

So you’ve looted a ton of buildings and on your way out, a book sitting on a desk catches your eye. Called nothing but overdue book and with a very low value, you might be tempted to overlook it and leave it, forever decaying in the wasteland. However, if you pick it up and take it to the Boston Public Library and return these overdue books, you’ll be rewarded with a token. For those of you unsure as to the location of the Boston Public Library, you’ll find it in the Boston Back Bay area sat right next to Trinity Plaza.

Once you’ve been rewarded with your tokens, the best thing you can do is to save them up. Yes, you can trade them for all manner of different items, but save up fifty and head down to the southeast corner of the Boston Public Library to exchange them all for the Massachusetts Surgical Journal #8. This magazine cannot be found anywhere else and is the only way you’ll be able to complete your magazine collection.

So there you have it, Wasteland wanderers, keep an eye out for those overdue books. They’re more valuable than you think.

Have you been picking up any overdue books you’ve seen around the wasteland of Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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