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Fallout 4: How to Easily Hack Terminals


Fallout 4: How to Easily Hack Terminals

Tips to Easily Hack Fallout 4 Terminals


Computers and terminals have been a part of the Fallout series since Fallout 3, and they’re back yet again in Fallout 4. On the surface, hacking a terminal doesn’t seem too complex, but it can get frustrating choosing the wrong word on multiple attempts and having to wait a few seconds before you can log back in again.

Each time you pick a password, the computer will give you a ‘Likeness’ rating, letting you know how many letters are in the actual password. It’s your job to make smart guesses about what the password is. However, you only have four attempts before the computer locks you out. Here are a few short tips to help make your hacking experience a little easier.

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