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Fallout 4: How to Fly & Get a Jetpack


Fallout 4: How to Fly & Get a Jetpack

I wanna flyyyyy like an eagle!

Patrolling the wasteland in Fallout 4 in a set of power armor is one of the most badass feelings you can experience in the wasteland. However, with the addition of a jetpack, the power armor will become the definitive cool way to travel the wasteland.

While the jetpack is certainly a novel way to spruce up your power armor, it does come with a rather hefty cost to your fusion core’s power level.

With a couple blasts around you will soon find yourself out of juice and in need of another core in order to continue your majestic leaps around the wasteland.

How to Get & Use the Power Armor Jetpack in Fallout 4

If you have an abundance of fusion cores, or just want to feel like Iron Man in Fallout 4 with no care for the expense, here are the two ways you can equip your power armor with this contraption.

Craft the Jetpack Armor

The first way is through simply crafting and modifying your power armor and selecting the jetpack option.

While some sets of power armor won’t allow the modification to be equipped the upper end sets such as the Brotherhood of Steel suit and the T-60 set are more than capable of equipping it.

In order to craft it for yourself, you must have both your Science and Armorer perks ranked up to level 4. Once this is done just collect up all of the necessary components to build your jetpack and allow you to take flight.

Main Questline Jetpack

The alternative way to pick up the modification can only be obtained through completing the main story of the game.

To obtain the cool mod this way, you must complete the main quest line and ensure you have remained a loyal member of the Brotherhood throughout.

Once this is done, you will be awarded a swanky new promotion and the jetpack modification from Captain Kelles.

How to Fly

Once equipped, head off out into the wasteland and give the jump button a quick press to soar into the sky and rain down fire on your unknowing enemies.

That’s all there is to it, that’s how to get the jetpack and how to fly in Fallout 4.

There should probably be a health and safety guide that should come with the jetpack in Fallout 4, but who cares about safety when there are Super Mutants to be killed?

Have you picked up the jetpack modification for your power armor yet? Which way did you acquire the modification in Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments below. Also tell us if you have any questions!

If you need any more help, check out our wiki on the game.

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