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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Firing Hammer Badge


Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Firing Hammer Badge

Time to get all fired up.

Badges in Bloodborne are used to purchase gear from the Messenger’s Bath in the Hunter’s Dream. Finding an item isn’t enough to unlock it in the store’s inventory, you must present the badge to purchase new weapons and armor. One of the new badges in The Old Hunters is the Firing Hammer Badge. This is another sect of the Powder Kegs (who you may remember from the base game), and will open up options in the store such as the Boom Hammer.

To obtain the Firing Hammer Badge, you’ll need to fight a Hunter that is a bit different from what you’re used to. To face him, you’ll need to proceed as if you were heading towards the first boss encounter with Ludwig, the Holy Blade and make it to the location where you can get the Boom Hammer.

When you head down the stairs to the room where the hammer was, you’ll notice two doorways that lead outside, one to your immediate right and one to the left, across the room. You’ll want to head out the door to your left then up the stairs outside.

Here you’ll confront a Hunter who is in “beast mode” and wields the Beast Claws. He is fast and very powerful, capable of taking a third of your health easily with just a single swing of his claws. You can stun him mid attack with your firearm for a Visceral Attack, or just dodge to side whenever he lunges in for a quick couple of attacks at his side.

He’s alone so the fight shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. Just beware of the new attacks that this brand new beast mode grants him. He’ll be able to jump and dive towards you for a powerful attack, and he’ll be able to use Beast Roar as much as he wants, which can push you back and temporarily daze you. Keep your distance and let him come to you.

In no time you’ll find yourself standing over this Hunter’s corpse as the power of the beast fades and he returns to his human form. Collect the Firing Hammer Badge from his dead body.

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