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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Gatling Gun


Bloodborne: The Old Hunters – How to Get the Gatling Gun

And you thought it was dangerous when it was on the top of a building.

Part of the excitement of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is finding some of the sweet new gear that has been scattered around the twisted version of Yharnam that serves as your new world. One of the new weapons you’ll be able to get your hands on is the Gatling Gun. It’s just like that gun Djura used to rain hell on you in Old Yharnam, only this time it’s travel size.

You’ll need to face a powerful hunter in a dangerous spot to get it, so make sure to bring plenty of Blood Vials and Silver Bullets. You’ll also want to increase your Frenzy resistance, whether it be through clothing or Caryll Runes. If that isn’t an option, bring some Sedatives for good measure.

Proceed through the Hunter’s Nightmare and make your way towards the room where you face Ludwig (follow the path to the right of the last set of Cathedral stairs). Continue on until you discover the stream of blood.

If you face the stream of blood while still standing on land, you’ll notice there are two paths. To the left is the path that leads you to the first boss, and to the right is a path that leads to a lot of danger. Take the path to the right, leading you away from the boss and into hell.

You’ll notice that in the stream are a lot of those annoying, and insanely powerful, tick monsters. Their physical attacks are vicious, but it’s the blood they shoot out of their mouths that you need to watch out for; it causes frenzy. There are only a few to the right, so as long as you don’t draw the attention of those to the left (there’s like 10 over there) you should be okay. There is a very tight tunnel after them where you’ll encounter the Hunter you need to slay.

He wields the Gatling Gun himself and it does massive damage, so get in close to force him to use melee. Dodging is a bit more manageable at this range so keep close, landing a couple of attacks whenever you get the chance. If you need to heal, just make sure not to run too far off (the Hunter will heal completely if you move a great distance away).

Keep circling around him, stunning him whenever possible, and you’ll be fine. Once he’s dead grab the Gatling Gun and get the heck out of there since there are even more challenging beasts deeper in the tunnel.

There you have it, you are now the proud owner of a Gatling Gun. It takes a second to wind up but a single Silver Bullet will let off about 5 quick shots for some serious damage (although it isn’t very accurate). Have fun and happy hunting.

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